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Morton Feldman ~ Triadic Memories

Great review about NEUROTIC MASS MOVEMENT @ SUPERNORMAL 2011 by Michael Johnson

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Great review about NEUROTIC MASS MOVEMENT @ SUPERNORMAL 2011 by Michael Johnson (

Neurotic Mass Movement are not what you'd call a daylight band. They're an after-dark, after-hours experience, all spooked atmospherics and unexpected dynamics, played with the panache of a ghost hunter who's finally nailed an unquiet spirit. Experiencing the band here, in a garden shed on a sunny Sunday afternoon, adds a surreal element to a band that already occupies the blurred edges of what a rock group is all about.

Neurotic Mass Movement are black-clad and deadpan, intent on thair art. The guitarist is impassive behind his shades, but he peels off a series of shimmering, shuddering licks that scribble the air like crayon. The bassist finger-dances through some nimble tumbles of notes. The rest is electronics, effects - lots of effects - and the windswept wail of a vocal that whips across the field like sudden squalls of rain.

But it's not all Cocteau Twins-esque fuzzy ambiences. At times the band interrupts the atmospherics and unleashes some dirty rock dynamics. The guitar digs in like trench warfare, the sonic artillery barrage starts raining down, and it all gets ragged and abrasive, like a metculous sketch on a piece of fine art paper that's sudenly, brutally, torn to shreds.

Braving the sun, the singer climbs off the stage - and climbs onto a table, wobbling on the grass. She sings to the field from this improvised perch, and then, gesturing to the band to improvise an extended coda - because I think we're some way beyond anything that was was in the rehearsal now - she leaves the microphone behind and walks into the crowd, taking the song to the audience in a way that's captivating and slightly unsettling at the same time. Walking away from rock 'n' roll...



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    NEUROTIC MASS MOVEMENT :DAVID and YIN NEUROTIC have developed an emotional ,intuitive and dynamic approach to their songs and live performances..Singer Yin Neurotic iconoclastic live performances and David Neurotic uncompromising musicianship underpins and cajoles the NMM sound Asked recently in an interview what his guitar influences were, he said:“ there are many influences,but TristanTzara, Le Tonneau de lHaine and Scooby Doo, spring to mind"..... The records and live performances always document the intensity of their passion for life. Their shows are relentless spectacles which captivates and leaves you wanting..Verbreite die Neurose